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Formed in 2017, RSK Response is a dedicated environmental pollution incident response and remediation business. Operating 24/7, the organisation adds the RSK group’s three decades of knowledge and expertise to its years of environmental technical excellence to offer unparalleled coverage across the UK and Ireland. We provide a cost-effective and immediate response to contain, assess, recover and remediate the effects of environmental pollution incidents. Our team of scientifically minded specialists provides astute support to a wide range of challenges, including emergency oil, fuel and chemical spill response, hazardous waste management and flood response.

RSK Response’s solid reputation in environmental incident response is supported by its broader service provision, including waste management services such as collecting, treating and disposing of hazardous material. We also manage the removal of fly-tipped and hazardous content and provide contaminated soil excavation and tanker hire services. Our teams will visit sites to collect a variety of wastes, including used batteries, chemicals, waste oils, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), fluorescent tubes and asbestos-containing materials. The materials will then be transported for disposal or treatment following the duty of care under current UK regulations. RSK Response also strives to minimise waste sent to landfill, thus always aims to treat, reuse or recycle as much of its clients’ waste as possible.

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Trusted solutions for a reliable response

By signing the Pledge to Net Zero initiative that commits organisations to a leadership role in the transition towards a net-zero-carbon economy, RSK Response has demonstrated its dedication to developing science-based targets to measure, report and monitor its carbon footprint.

The continuing disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic means that RSK Response is responding with sound, informed and organised solutions. We apply scientifically validated methods to help limit the spread of coronavirus (and other viral and bacterial risks) in offices and workplaces. Our specialists have combined their understanding of viral decontamination with the latest disinfectant technology to create a method of disinfection that also shields protected surfaces in any setting against coronavirus for up to 30 days.

RSK Response has experience in dealing with the consequences of flooding such as removing contaminated floodwater and sanitising the area after the water has receded. Our dedicated teams and modern equipment are primed to respond immediately to flood-related emergencies. With the backing of RSK’s wealth of knowledge and environmental experts, guidance and advice are available to prepare for these increasingly common events.

Case studies

Assessing geoenvironmental data to safeguard communities

Ensuring a safe working environment at Wasps Rugby Club

Environmentally responsible telegraph pole storage

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The RSK group is a leading integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business offering bespoke end-to-end solutions to a variety of sectors. Headquartered in the UK but with an established presence throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, RSK helps organisations around the world achieve their business aspirations in a sustainable and efficient manner.