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Our team can mobilise within hours of receiving a call. Most companies and sites can, potentially, emit pollution into the surrounding environment, thereby causing an environmental incident. Not only does this affect human health and the natural world, it also tarnishes a company’s name.

Companies have a statutory obligation to demonstrate compliance and due diligence to mitigate damage in line with current regulations. Employing an external company such as RSK Response to manage any incidents provides reassurance. It will also demonstrate that your company has a long-standing commitment to the environment. Clean-up, and legal costs, can be high, but RSK Response uses the best and most current practices to provide efficient support for all incident handling measures, thus saving time and money.

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A data-driven, rapid-response business

RSK Response’s experienced and data-driven incident response team offers rapid on-site assessments, advice and insights to alleviate concerns. We are adept at providing incident response services for fuel, oil and chemical spills and seepages resulting from accidents, vandalism and weather events. In discussion with clients, our incident response engineers will assess contaminated land through rigorous analyses and investigations and, ultimately, provide remediation (as necessary). Our services are numerous: we remove fly-tipped waste per local guidelines and laws, assess asbestos-containing materials, remove silt and detritus from flooded assets, etc. Our environmental officers are trained to conduct initial on-site spill investigations and mitigation as part of our emergency response service.

We understand that each incident and site comes with its own variables and limitations. Therefore, we will tailor our work programme to support your needs. RSK Response aims to work around clients yet still alleviate the stresses associated with an environmental incident. We support clients throughout the process and conclude a project with a report detailing the work undertaken and the site background and geology and outlining our advice and recommendations to avoid future issues.

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