RSK Response reacted swiftly to the coronavirus pandemic and added a professional decontamination service to its expertise

Standard cleaning practices are only effective at removing those pathogens present at the time of application. To protect premises fully, RSK Response not only disinfects surfaces but also applies an electrostatic spray that has been certified to offer ongoing protection against coronavirus (and other bacteria and viruses) for up to 30 days.

Social distancing has become the new normal. But, because some employees cannot work from home, precautions must be taken to help keep workplaces safe, particularly as businesses start to consider protocols for reopening their premises. If your offices, facilities, worksites, vehicles, plant or equipment require decontamination or sanitisation, RSK Response can provide a professional decontamination service and lasting protection throughout the UK and Ireland.

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RSK Response will mobilise a team to apply a decontaminant to protect offices, facilities, worksites, vehicles, plant and equipment against COVID-19 on a pre-arranged day. Our decontamination process can be used after a positive case or for monthly preventive measures. The work involves sanitising and protecting all work areas, including desks, chair armrests, handrails, welfare facilities, meeting rooms, workstations, phones, door handles, printers, kitchens, toilets and other communal areas by applying our specialist product. The spray can be applied to any surface. Our teams have applied this product to many different work environments, including high-spec technology. Our costs are always remeasurable, so you will only be charged for the time that our team spends on-site, and the volume of products used.

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