Flooding has long been considered one of the most financially damaging and common natural disasters in the UK

Climate change, urban development and changes in land use mean that flooding events will worsen unless we implement more flood-control methods. Flooding can cause various issues along with property damage, including electrical hazards, infection and motor vehicle failure.

Integrating a flood emergency response and mitigation plan into your business can greatly minimise potential property damage and costs.

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Rapid response to any situation

RSK Response can attend a site within hours of a call. We have access to the latest technology and plant; from pumps and generators for the smaller floods to 30-t tankers for larger events. Our teams can remove floodwater, silt and detritus from flooded assets as well as sanitise hard surfaces.

We will undertake detailed assessments of existing and proposed assets and conduct topographical and drainage surveys of specific assets. We can also produce drainage designs to help maintain the assets after installation. Our planners can design and install flood defence systems. We have attended a wide range of incidents, from flooded transmission cable compounds to blocked cesspits. Our on-site teams will remove floodwater and inspect, test and repair bunds and tanks. Furthermore, our laboratory technicians conduct chemical and biological testing to ensure that the area is decontaminated to a safe level.

Additionally, we assess waste and audit the waste management process, thus ensuring that all movements of hazardous waste are tracked. We make sure that we adhere to all the regulations. We also store all records of waste movement for at least the mandatory five years.

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