RSK Response can deal with spills ranging from domestic to large-scale industrial incidents

Our initial investigation will assess the severity of the incident using a variety of techniques, including on-site methods such as using CCTV pipeline inspection cameras or a desk-based study of the area.

Later, using the data, we can accurately estimate for the work, which avoids any financial surprises.

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Wide-ranging and comprehensive services

Depending on the site, the type of contamination and the scale of the spill, our clean-up specialists may use in-situ contaminated land treatment methods on smaller spills to immobilise, stabilise and remove pollutants. By using non-intrusive methods, we can reduce the risk to the surrounding environment and safely dispose of the contaminated waste in compliance with current UK legislation, thus restoring the site to a safe environment. It also enables active sites to remain open and working.

Unfortunately, large-scale spills do occur. When this happens, having instant access to the right equipment is crucial. We work with a range of heavy plant, including mechanical excavators, vacuum tankers, mobile elevating work platforms, high-pressure jetting systems, dumper trucks and skips. These help us to complete the job competently, thereby, ultimately, saving clients money and time. When incidents do occur, we take advantage of our range of heavy plant to ensure that the contaminated waste is safely removed from site ready for disposal.

For all incidents, we provide a comprehensive report that presents details of the work undertaken, the environmental sensitivity of the site, the risk assessments that identify any potential source–pathway–receptor linkages, laboratory and waste duty of care information and further recommendations to avoid future issues.

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